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Birthstone and Healing Powers of Crystals, Robert Wood
Discover your own special birthstone and the renowned healing powers of crystals. 16 page booklet. ..
Can Science Explain Crystal Healing?, Paul McCormick
A refreshing new insight into the world of gemstones, crystals and minerals.A useful booklet which h..
Create a Wish Kit, Robert Wood
Create a wish kit using a candle, a crystal and the imagination of you mind. 16 page booklet. ..
Crystal Pendulum for Dowsing, Robert Wood
Crystal dowsing - an ancient knowledge for unlocking your psychic power. A useful booklet to enab..
Gemstone and Crystal Power, Robert Wood
From Agate to Zircon, a comprehensive guide to gemstone and crystal power. 16 page booklet. Lengt..
Healing Crystals, Michael Gienger
All the important information about 430 healing gemstones in a pocket sized book. Michael Gienger pr..
The Crystal and Mineral Guide, John Lee
An excellent general introduction to the properties of crystals and a handy pocket reference for exp..
The Mysteries Surrounding Gemstones and Crystals, Robert Wood
A guide into the mysteries surrounding gemstones and crystals. Crystal healing, birthstones, crystal..
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