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Crystal pendulums are a divination tool, and are often used to find answers to difficult questions. It works by tapping into your intuition and sixth sense.

These pendulums are made from natural stone, so colour and shape may vary slightly.

Approximate size of pendulum - 35mm x 25mm

Approximate chain length - 270mm

Crystal System – Hexagonal

Hardness – 5.5-6.6

Source – Venezuela, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, England, Canada, Italy Brazil


Hematite Pendulum

  • Hematite

    Hematite is an effective grounding stone which protects the aura and dissolves negativity. It boosts the memory, harmonizes mind, body and spirit, removes excess energy and separates your emotions from those of other people.

    Useful for: Courage, grounding, spinal alignment, self esteem, compulsions and willpower.

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