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The fragrant smoke of dried plants and trees has been used in religious and medical ceremonies around the globe for thousands of years.

Using a match, ignite one end of the stick. Burn for half a minute and then blow out, moving around slowly to allow the smoke to fill the space you desire. Place the stick on a fire-proof surface or container.

Because of its potency, caution is recommended if burning natural incense in the presence of pregnant women, babies, small children or pets.

Approximate Length - 10cm


Palo Santo Aromatic Wood

  • Palo Santo

    Meaning ‘Holy Wood’ in Spanish, Palo Santo comes from South America and was used by the Incas for the ritual cleansing of negative spirits or energies. Lately it has been used in folk medicine for many ailments ranging from flu to stress.

    In its raw state it has a natural aroma that will pervade any space.

    When burnt, it creates a pleasant fresh smoke with an uplifting and distinctive scent, which also works as a deterrent for mosquitoes and other flying insects.


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