Floral print design

Fabric corsage

100% cotton

Three flower shaped buttons on the back

White lace trim

Red shimmer ribbon trim


Approximate measurements:

1-2 Years

Length: 22"

Shortest Width: 11"


2-3 Years

Length: 24"

Width (at chest): 12"

Pink Flower Dress

  • Pink Flower Dress

    This pink floral print dress is made from 100% cotton and features a white cotton lace trim along the neckline and hem. A pretty fabric corsage is sewn to the front with a flower shaped button in the centre and two horizontal red shimmer cotton ribbons define the transition between the pleated skirt and the chest. Being sleeveless, it is ideal for the warmer months but can be worn with a cardigan for the colder months and has been styled so that it can be used as a casual summer play dress or for formal occasions.


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